Migraine, cervical and facial pain, jaw blocks, dysphagia and dizziness are some of the problems connected to ATM dysfunctions. A.G.O aims to deepen knowledge about gnathology and to treat patients with such pathologies.

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If you wish to know more about it, watch the interview given to LeScienze Magazine. It’s certainly a great starting point to understand what gnathology is, which problems it can treat and who the gnathologist doctor can help.

LeScienze Magazine interview

MEAW Technique

The therapy of the algic symptoms related to ATM disorders due to poor position of the jaw is carried out with the MEAW technique which aims to move the jaw and not the teeth, without surgery but only with the help of short light elastics.

MEAW Technique

Gnathology services


Diagnosis of cranio-cervical-mandibular disorders and symptoms connected

From the specialist gnathological vist, to the analysis of the articular models up to the use where necessary of the most modern instrumental exams, cephalometry, condylography, electromyography, orthopanoramic, etc ... and of diagnostic imaging.


Obviously, the clinical exam can define and limit the indiscriminate use of all these tests.


Therapy of cranio-cervical-mandibular disorders and connected symptoms

Therapy for the restoration and stabilization of the disc-condyle joint relationship with dental occlusion in the resolution of postural-occlusive tensions.


Restoration of a valid chewing system through the multiple possible combinations (see clinical cases).


Use of the MEAW technique


Objective is to spread and develop knowledge about craniocervical mandibular disorders 

to promote the use of non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic systems. To this end, we organize

  • Gnathology courses of  theoretical education
  • Gnathological laboratory
  • Department gnathological clinic
  • Support and tutoring

The protocol suggested by A.G.O.

from diagnosis to therapy through the result of visits and exams: a proven successful path



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