Dental Gnathology Association A.G.O. o.n.l.u.s. is a non-profit organization that was created in order to spread and develop knowledge about craniocervical mandibular disorders and the symptoms connected to them.It will also be the task of the Association to promote both at the level of operators in the dental and medical sector in general and civil society, the awareness of the importance that in the evolutionary age involves orthognathic therapy for the implications of orthopedic and logopedic interest on the maturation of the child.

It is made of physicians, dentists, radiologists, dental technicians and rehab therapists who work toward the standardization of all instrumental clinical exams.

It encourages contacts with other companies interested in functional anatomic rehab of the craniocervical mandibular region.


A.G.O. develops Gnathological clinical activities at the Via Aterno, 9 - 00198, Roma, seat of the Association

Health excellency

A.G.O. won the prize for excellence in Health care in 2003 for the establishment of a cabinet of Gnatology


During its educational activity, A.G.O. gave many interviews about Gnathology in important TV networks