Course on MEAW therapy

The orthognatic therapy through Meaw (Multiloop Edgwise Arch Wire)

This course is practical and envisions a first theoretical three-day introductory meeting, followed by quarterly 2-day meetings for three years, for 25 days total.

Students will be the leading actors: one day will be dedicated to the introduction of the cases they treated and one will be dedicated to the treatment of the presented cases, under the guidance of our tutors.

During the first three-day meeting, the following subjects will be discussed:

  • tele in ll of the head: facial growing
  • orthognatic therapy of the meaw occlusal plane
  • levelling, strategic levelling
  • I-II-III class
  • High and low Angle
  • Latero-Lateral deviations
  • Visit, condilography, photographic record
  • Brux checker - bruxoff

The following meetings are still to be defined, as well as the critical development of the treated cases.

Course location: Rome, Via Aterno 9 – at the Gnathology Dental Association.

If you are interested, please send your personal info and phone number to; our administrative office will contact you.


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