The identification and use of a therapeutic protocol, the information and training of professionals, the creation of a top-notch diagnostic and therapeutic center are necessary to create the facilities and develop the skills that may be useful to patients suffering from TMJ disorders.

A correct diagnosis and treatment are the ultimate aim of our association, which provides advanced diagnostic and non-invasive therapeutic techniques to patients.

You can carry out gnathological examinations at our specialized center, as well as all the tests necessary to make a correct diagnosis and identify a therapeutic path, which respects both the protocol suggested by A.G.O. and the special needs of the patient.

It is also possible to request a free online consultation by filling the appropriate form. To request any other type of information you can use the form on the CONTACTS page.

Medical diagnosis

A.G.O  o.n.l.u.s. offers at its specialized center the possibility of carrying out gnathological examination, which are almost always crucial for the recovery of the patient, as well as the possibility of undergoing diagnostic tests.BOOK A GNATHOLOGICAL EXAMINATION


A.G.O. o.n.l.u.s treats patients who present with disorders related to the joints in the mouth and all the organs connected to it, using the most advanced and non-invasive therapeutic techniques currently available.THE PROTOCOL SUGGESTED BY A.G.O.

Example of Online consultation

A.G.O. o.n.l.u.s. provides a free online gnathological consulting service. Some of the consultations carried out by our experts have been sorted by the symptoms experienced by the patients and made available for you to see.REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION ONLINE


The Associazione per la Gnatologia Odontoiatrica A.G.O. o.n.l.u.s. provides records of some of the cases that have been treated, sorted by symptoms experienced by patients, defects and syndromes of gnathological nature.TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR PATIENTS